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The first 2 puppets (Blade and Pinhead) go on sale at high noon PST May 18th on a first come - first serve basis. The body of the REPLICAS are made of a urethane foam with a posable wire frame inbedded inside. The heads of both Blade and Pinhead are made from a durable plastic resin and are hand painted. Only 200 of these replicas will be made. Click here for additional pics and how to order yours.

From Charles Band's Newsletter: On our feature film front DEAD MAN'S HAND is almost done and should be out in June. The story takes place in a haunted casino from the 60's and stars SID HAIG, MICHAEL BERRYMAN & ROBIN SYDNEY!!! DECADENT EVIL 2 is next with PHIL FONDACARO returning as the most fearless and shortest vampire hunter of all time! Other films in pre production for this year are: WORRY DOLLS (maybe the weirdest movie yet!) HEAD OF THE FAMILY 2 & 3 (yes it's true!!!), A NEW SUBSPECIES FEATURE (finally!) AND A PUPPETMASTER TRILOGY (set during World War II)!!!!!!!!!!

NEW Puppet Master Resin Statues
Hey, sorry for the lack of updates around these parts. Full Moon has announced the next two resin statues: Pinhead and Six Shooter. They're a big improvement over the Blade and Tunneler statues they released last year. View pics and details on the Puppet Master Forum HERE.

First of all, the SUBSPECIES BOX SET is
now for sale at fullmoondirect.com. The set includes the Subspecies #1-4 as well as the Vampire Journals. And it gets better. Full Moon will soon have the DOLLMAN/DEMONIC TOYS DVD Box Set from Australia in stock later this month. It’s a 3 DVD set: Dollman, Demonic Toys and Dollman VS the Demonic Toys. More details to come on that, stay tuned. In site news, Also, Full Moon has unleashed Monsterbra.com for all your sexy, scary, funny, funky bra needs. My favorite is the eyball bra. Not that I wear bras.

Full Moon stumbled upon 70 PM DVD Box Sets while re-organizing tons of boxes at their film storage facility. These rare box sets were released several years ago and then the distributor had to pull them because of confusing rights issues. Since that time they’ve been almost impossible to find and when they do turn up they go for $200-$400 on ebay. Here's your chance to buy one for $99.99. Click HERE.

Charles Band will be holding a chat session on the Puppet Master Forum 11/29 at 7:30 EST. But there's more. CB will be auctioning off an orginal doll in chat! You must be a registered member on the forum to use the chat feature. To register, click here. It only takes a couple minutes. See everyone there.

Blade and Tunneler from the 1990 Limited Edition Resin Statue Series are now available to order from fullmoonplaythings.com. Order now, only 1990 (the year the first Puppet Master film was released) of each figure was produced.

Charles Band Interview PART 2
Click here to read Part 2 of my interview with the creator of Puppet Master, Charles Band.

Start saving up Puppet Master Action Figure Collectors. Charles Band is back and about to expanding the "universe of Full Moon puppets, dolls
and creatures!" CLICK HERE!!!

Meet Marvin 12" of Pure Evil
Here is a sneak peek of the ad for the new Marvin 12" doll from Decadent Evil. Read more about Marvin and new Charles Band road show dates at CB's blog.

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