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ween live recordings

Disc One
  1. "Mushroom Festival in Hell"
  2. "Japanese Cowboy"
  3. "Mountain Dew"
  4. "Bumblebee"
  5. "Voodoo Lady"  
  6. "Ode to Rene"  
  7. "Mister Richard Smoker"  
  8. "Doctor Rock" 
  9. "I Can't Put My Finger on It"
  10. "Cover It with Gas and Set It on Fire"  
  11. "Awesome Sound" 
  12. "Tender Situation"  
  13. "Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?"
  14. "I Saw Gener Cryin' in His Sleep"
  15. "Marble Tulip Juicy Tree"
  16. "She Fucks Me"

Disc Two
  1. "Poop Ship Destroyer"
  2. "Vallejo"
  3. "Puffy Cloud"
Released: June 22, 1999
Producers: Greg Frey, Kirk Miller, Ween

Fun Facts!

It was meant to be the first release on Ween's record label Chocodog, but Elektra took it and released it themselves.

"Poop Ship Destroyer" on Disc Two is 26 minutes long.

"Puffy Cloud" is an acoustic version from a bookstore gig.

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