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shonola cd
  1. "Tastes Good on th' Bun"
  2. "Boys Club"
  3. "I Fell in Love Today"
  4. "Big Fat Fuck"
  5. "Gabrielle"
  6. "Did You See Me?"
  7. "How High Can You Fly?"
  8. "Transitions"
  9. "Israel"
  10. "The Rift"
  11. "Monique the Freak"
  12. "Someday"
Released: July 19, 2005
Producer: Andrew Weiss and Ween
Label: Chocodog

Fun Facts!

The title come from the phrase, 'You don't know shit from Shinola'.

"Big Fat Fuck", "How High Can You Fly", and "Monique the Freak" were on Craters of the Sac.

All of the songs were previously released on various demos.

"Did You See Me?" was originally recorded for The Mollusk.

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