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  1. "Baked Potatoe"
  2. "Cops"
  3. "Hence it Came (Instrumental)"
  4. "Living Together"
  5. "Once I Lived"
  6. "Anything Quickly (Instrumental)"
  7. Get Back Here Son (take the .45)"
  8. "Gi. Go. Stop. No"
  9. "Ho Ho Ho"
  10. "Some Weird Shit"
  11. "Eurshishyshen"
  12. "Tree (Instrumental)"
  13. "Love"
  14. "Justcruisin'"
  15. "Acoustic Lawn Jam"
  16. "I Hate Snuggles"
  17. "Style of Carpet (Instrumental)"
  18. "Collectives"
  19. "Cheese Fries"
  20. "I Had A Party"
  21. "What Do You Think About a Woman?"
  22. "Sea Of Mellchis"
  23. "Investigating Tornadoes"
  24. "Today It Is My Birthday"
  25. "Sonata in A#G Overture (Instrumental)"
  26. "Happy Family"
  27. "School Days"
  28. "Prank Calls (Literally)"
Released: 1987 on Cassette
Producer: Scott Lowe and Gene Ween
Label: TeenBeat Records

Fun Facts!

The cassette is almost entirely the product of Gene Ween making personal recordings in his bedroom.

Dean Ween appears only a few times on this cassette.

Instruments include Synsonic Drums, Korg Poly-800, piano, and reel-to-reel.

Scott Lowe assisted in post production using delay and additional keyboards.

Synthetic Socks set the stage for Ween's trademark sound.

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