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7 / 21 / 05
Hill's Charles Band Interview
Click here to read Part 1 of my interview with the creator of Puppet Master, Charles Band.

7 / 14 / 05
- Charles Band - B L O G

Charles Band will be making appearances at conventions around the country promoting his new movie and action figure releases. Visit CB's blog at www.charlesband.com and keep up with all the latest news.

6 / 16 / 05 - NEW PUPPET MASTER TOYS!!!!
Wizard Toys will be unleashing new action figures based on the Puppet Master movies. Series 1 will feature the "7 main puppets" from Puppetmaster. They'll come with interconnecting bases to display all the figures together. Charles Band did an article with figures.com unveiling prototype pictures of Blade and Tunneler. CLICK HERE!!!

5 / 14 / 05 - Charles Band's WIZARD TOYS!
Charles Band, the genius behind Puppet Master as well as over 250 other Sci-Fi / Horror films, has announced the debut of Wizard Toys. The company will release action figures from the new Wizard’s debut film, Decadent Evil, and various Full Moon classics such as Puppet Master & Subspecies. Click here to read figures.com's news about this announcement. Very exciting news for Puppet Master action figure collectors!!!. Stay tuned for release dates and more press releases from Wizard Toys.

3 / 30 / 05 - PM Fan Video
Check out this Puppet Master flash movie over there at just2pale.com. Scroll down to the video called "The Toymaker". Very cool stuff.

10 / 31 / 04
The Sci Fi Channel has announced that it will premiere PUPPETMASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS, the long-awaited matchup of the deadly playthings, on Saturday, December 18 at 9 p.m. Read the full article at fangoria.com here.

3 / 14 / 04
KILLER COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Well Full Moon is "back" with a new movie about the souls of three convicted killers who come back to life as cute yet vicious gingerbread men. Here is an article from Bloody Disgusting.com about the upcoming film. Click here for a screenshot from the film & here is a prototype pic of the "cookie monster".

1 / 01 / 04
Yeah you heard me right, a new PM release. The resurfaced Full Moon group has released the possible end all of the Puppet Master series. Don't get too excited. The Legacy is basically just a
re-hashing of footage from the previous 7 movies. Still, a must for the hardcore fan. Click here for more info on The Legacy. You can rent Legacy at Blockbuster or buy a copy off ebay.

11 / 05 / 03
Ok, this guy is one HARDCORE Puppet Master Fan. Check out his Blade, Pinhead and Torch tattoos here. Hats off to Soul at Psycho Tattoo, who is the genius behind these tats. Excellent work.

7 / 21 / 03

There is no Tempe takeover of Full Moon...we have nothing to do with them anymore. As of July 17, 2003: PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS has not even been shot!! Full Moon cannot raise its half of the budget to match what Sci-Fi Channel will put up. Sad news. A blow to the Puppet Master fans around the world.
Go vent in our


6 / 20 / 03
This website has created a brilliant movie showcasing a concept for mini Blade figures. You'll need the Real One Player to view it (which will install when you open the movie in real player). Go here and check it out.

2 / 19 / 03 -
In site news, I've added some behind the scenes screenshots taken from the DVDs as well as pictures of the DVD box set. The DVD box set has been out of production for years and pretty much impossible to find. Unless you're willing to shell out $200 for it on Ebay.

2 / 23 / 03 -
Monsters in Motion are now taking orders for their LIFE-SIZE replica of Blade from the original Puppet Master. The Head, Knife, and Claw are made of Urethane resin parts cast from the original masters. The body and shoes, made of rigid Foam. Blades coat, pants and hat are all hand sewn with exact measurements from the original puppet. The doll is static, except the arms which can be posed. Click here to order from Monsters in Motion.

1 / 29 / 03 -
I've added some of the original artwork from Puppet Master 1 and Retro Puppet Master. This incredible artwork was done in pencil, paint, and charcoal. Check it out

2 / 10 / 03 - Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys will be on the sci-fi channel in the summer and on DVD this Chirstmas. UHM reports, "A lot of fans have been wondering whats been going on with the upcoming Puppet Masters vs Demonic Toys movie.

Luckily enough I was recently emailed info on the new Full Moon website and got some brief info on the status of the film. Here's what I got.."Pre-production. It will debut on Sci-Fi [channel] during the summer and on DVD around Christmas. A lot more time and effort is being put into this one. Ted Nicolaou is still scheduled to direct with puppet effects by Chris Bergschneider who worked for Stan Winston on Total Recall and Time Machine."

I'll believe it when I see it. I'm scared from getting tricked so many times in the past with release dates. heh, we'll see.

1 / 21 / 03 - First and foremost, welcome to the site. As you can probably tell this place is dedicated to Full Moon's Puppet Master action figure series and movies. Site features include: loose and carded pictures of the the entire Puppet Master action figure series, fan collections, photos, movie props, trailers, links, movie clips, reviews and much more.

Now, the question on every Puppet Master fan's mind is, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FULL MOON???". For years Full Moon advertised several NEW Puppet Master figures (the Cyber Puppet, Tiny Terrors, 12" figures, etc.). But Full Moon stopped production on these new figures and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth.

Until now...Full Moon has peeked it's head out from under the covers and launched fullmoonfanclub.com. They are selling Limited Autographed 12" Pimp dolls (signed by Charles Band). Sure a Pimp Doll signed by Charles Band would be cool, but what happened to the 12" Six Shooter? The Cyber Blade? The Puppet Master Trunk? The Gingerdead Man? Hopefully the fan club site will have the answers soon.