The Cyber Puppets

These were slated to be released in conjuntion with Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys in 2001. PM fans are still waiting. Here are some pics from a Toyko toy fair. view images

Tiny Terrors

Full Moon advertised these figures on the backs of the retro puppet master figures and displayed them at toy shows. To this day there is no sign of the Tiny Terrors. view images

The 12" Puppets

Full Moon released 2 12" Puppet Master figures: the 12" Blade and Decapatron. A 12 inch Six Shooter and a red 12" Blade were also in the works until Full Moon stopped production. view images

Misc Never Released Toys

Several other figures from misc Full Moon films were also in the works. Here are images of the Demonic Toy Series, The Gingerdead Man, Radu, Kiljoy and the 12" Jack Deth. What Happened Full Moon?  view images