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Who are Ween?

Ween are a band formed of the brothers Gene and Dean Ween. Regular members also include Claude Coleman Jr. (on drums), Mean Ween, bassist Dave Dreiwitz, keyboard player Glenn McClelland, Andrew Weiss (producer and occasional bassist) and others.

When did they come from?

Around 1984 or 1985 in Middle school typing class. The Boognish appeared and offered them the scepters of wealth and power. (It?s not too clear if they got them yet). Subsequently they started messing around with home recording, and formed Ween basically to make recordings to amuse their friends and themselves.

Are they really brothers?

Did you really think their real last name was Ween? Gener is Aaron Freeman; Deaner is Michael "Mickey" Melchiondo Jr.

Where are they from?

New Hope, PA.

Is the Boognish a good guy or what?

He's more mischievous than anything is, but he certainly rewards his faithful followers. He?s sort of like Mr. Myxyptlk from Superman.

Are they gay?

Sorry to disappoint all the Richard smokers, but they are not. (Both Gene and Dean are raising families)

Who is Mean Ween?

Mean played bass for Ween on the song "Alone" of the Pod. He's on the cover of the Pod. He doesn?t have long hair anymore. He played with the Jimmy Wilson Group 1999, at the Saint. He tours with Ween when he can get time off from work (he works at the pork roll factory).

Who are the Moistboyz?

A Dean Ween side project with Guy Heller. They are Mickey and Dickey Moist, respectively. Their albums are Moistboyz, Moistboyz II, and Moistboyz III.

Who's Eddie Dingle (from the song Nan)?

Someone shouted this out at a show once on the Chocolate and Cheese Tour. Gener replied, "He's standing right here man. Yeah man, I lived it." Take that as you will.

In LMLYP, is that a Prince song I hear?

Yeah, Shockadelica is covered in it. Also, the rap section is adapted from the Prince song, "Alphabet Street".

And that's Pink Floyd in the background of Birthday Boy!

Yup, that's "Echoes" (off of the album Meddle).

Where's the Pod?

The pod was a strange farmhouse where lots of wacky locals resided. Among them were Gene and Dean who lived there for sometime. It is scenically located on Van Sant Road in Solebury Township, PA

What's the deal with "Push the lil' daisies"?

Its an odd thing...a strangely overplayed song (and definitely not the best on the album), which now seems to be mocked by the rest of the world. It's primarily what comes to mind when the average Joe here's the name "Ween". It was tremendously popular in Australia, I hear. Daisies= Nipples

Is "Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy" really about child molestation?

It's about whatever you want it to be.

What the hell is the guy saying in "Mourning Glory"?

It's a story/fable about some pumpkins and their run in with a guy. You can find the lyrics to it???..uh, somewhere.

Who's Sarah?

Gener's ex, and mother of his child.

I find reggaejunkiejew offensive. What should I do?

Chill out-It's about one particular Jew who's a real asshole. Besides, Gener is a Jew.

Is the picture in the insert the aforementioned Pod?

No, it isn't. It's the Brookridge Farm in New Hope.

I heard some story about "Mister Would you please help my pony" and "Spinal Meningitis". What's the deal?

Legend has it, that Gene and Dean had just finished writing "Spinal" in a Washington hotel. Gener was tripping or something, and decided to go down to the lobby for crackers (this is all from hearsay, so expect this story to change). Walking by a newsstand, he was dumbfounded to see a Washington Post headline read, "Am I going to die, Mommy? " (Which is a line from the song). He freaked out, and quickly raced up stairs to tell his brother the story. He got into the room, only to find his brother curled up on the floor repeating, "mister would you please help my pony?".

When I heard I can't put my finger on it live, Gene sang some weird intro- what's that?

It's called the "I Can't Put My Finger On It Intro." Maybe it's in Arabic.

Didn't I hear I can't put my finger on it in a Levi's ad?

The story goes that the ad execs were using it as a temp track, and instead of finding something to replace it, they opted to get the rights for it instead. Neat, huh?

Did Phish really cover Roses are free?


Mohamed Ali?

Ok, apparently the sample of Ali was supposed to end up on the end of "Powder Blue", but the rights to use it hadn't cleared. A whole bunch got pressed before the mistake was caught, and consequent printings have been with out it. Rumor has it that most of the sampled copies went to Canada, so good luck getting it up there, eh?

A country album?

Hey, expand you're horizons pal. It's a beautiful thing.

Ok, then why only TEN songs?

The 12 is the number of Nashville musicians, not the number of tracks. If you do some digging, you'll find some outtakes on the net.

What did the golden eel say?

Sorry, Gener ain't talking

Dancing in the show tonight? Any info?

Apparently Deaner got it off of his sister's ballet dancing record.

Is there a Honda commercial with Ocean Man on it?

Yes, and it has been one of the most irritating and abundant tweaker threads on the Ween Forum. If you're looking for respect, don't ever start a thread on this. Hell, don't ever talk about it.

It says 90-98 on the cover, but there are no songs from 1998. What gives?

It covers the period of their music from 90-98, so I guess the next live album will start with concerts from 1999.

Is the CD booklet made from Acid Blotter Paper?

Well, I didn't eat mine, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no.

What's the deal with the White Pepper album cover?

Well, it's a white pepper...duh. Actually, if you turn it upside down, it's been said it resembles a gnarly nose snorting cocaine, hence, White Pepper.

Why did they pick the name White Pepper?

A lot of theory as to why they picked that name. Many believe it's a homage to The Beatles White album and Sgt. Pepper. Each song on the album pays respect to many different forms of pop music, and the Beatles are one of the group's major influences, but good luck on getting any non-Ween listeners to ever understand that.

What's going on with the fucked jam?

No one knows. It's cool though.

What about the Quebec album art?

It's taken from a game called , which was a pocket game from the seventies. The pictures of the characters on the cover are actually of Dean and Gene. The reason why they used this is unknown by most right now.

Chocolate Town about anal sex?


Is "So Long Jerry" about Jerry Garcia?


What's "Ask the Dragon"?

It's a remix of a Yoko Ono song they did on an album called Rising Mixes.

What's Z-Rock Hawaii?

Z-Rock Hawaii is a collaboration with Japanese singer/screamer Eye (of the Boredoms). You can order it through the mail at www.unsound.com/NG/z.html.

What is this "Sac" that everyone is talking about?

A record that is a secret. You can find out more about it when someone offers to give it to you for free.

All Request Live

An album released the latter half of 2003. The band did a free concert over the internet and this recording was made and sold via their website. Forumers got to vote on which songs they wanted to hear, and the band performed them. It's the only time Ween has ever performed the "Stallion Suite" in which all the Stallions pt.1 through 5 were played in order and at once. It will more than likely be the only time this will ever happen.

What's the deal with Where'd the Cheese Go?

That song was recorded by the band for a Pizza Hut commercial. Evidently, Pizza Hut?s advertising agency approached Ween to record a song for their stuffed crust pizza line. The band recorded a clean version, and Pizza Hut executives dropped the idea. Deaner posted the MP3 of the clean version and then a dirrrty version on his website. Everyone of the fans adored the little songs, so Ween performed an extended version on the All Request Live concert.

Hey, what's this movie?

Gener and Deaner had small roles in the film "It's Pat", based on the Saturday Night Live character of the same name. They do speak and perform in the film (you even get glimpse of the Ween-mobile), and watch them eat mushrooms (but they're from Safeway). Incidentally, Dean wears the same clothes in Pat as he does in the Pure Guava insert.

What kind of guitars do they play?

Deaner plays Stratocasters for the most part and occasionally a Duo-Sonic. As far as effects go, there?s: Talkbox Vox Wah Digitech Whammy .

What about a drum machine, or a four track? Don't they use them?

Only in the early days. Occasionally fans write in and pester them to go back- Claude calls them the "molly" fans.

I'm a freak with too much time on my hand. Can I bring my knit boognish sweater for Deaner?

The boys will of course accept almost any genuine sign of gratitude, but as Deaner once said, "if its fucking yellow, I'm not wearing it."

What are these funny expressions that Ween and their fans use?

Ween-people say "mang" to mean "dude" and they say "brown" a lot to mean a lot of things. If someone is real cool, they are referred to as "fucker" as in "He's a real fucker, wouldn't you say?" They also refer to a female spouse or girlfriend as a "yak" and boyfriends as a "cak".

Is Ween against Women/Jamaicans/Jews/the French/Blacks/Latinos...?

No. They just like the way those type of people's voices sound (except women). Ween does seem to be against Ottowans, though, and a few people in particular seem to rankle them.

Do girls like Ween?

Hells, yeah!

What is the Ween Forum?

A strange place where you can meet strange people and talk to them. Look at section 7 for all your questions regarding the forum. Just be careful when you go, because you'll always be doomed to return.

I got this cover of "gin and juice" that says it's by ween.

That's actually written by the Gourds and not ween.

Hey, I just saw the boognish on the guy's bike in American Chopper!

Yeah, Mikey is a bigtime fan of the band. He was cool enough to rock a ween shirt and throw the boognish on his bike. No need to tell anyone, it's old news.

Are you allowed to record Ween when they play live?

Yes, as long as the particular concert venue allows it. This is one of the great-ass things about Ween.

Can you then trade or give away those tapes?

Yeah, that's the idea.

How can I give Ween money?

Ween C/O Chocodog/Pat Frey PO Box 470 Ringoes, NJ 08551 USA

WHY would I want to give money to Ween?

As a way of encouraging them to continue to make the fine works they have.

What about food?

I heard they like it when fans bring them chips and stuffs. In the beginning, they asked fans to bring food for them to the concerts. This was merely an attempt to get food- not some wacky idea; they actually wanted to eat. Unfortunately, most of the time they brought junk food and wacky shit like pickled pigs feet. So on the next album (can't remember which...was it Pure Guava?) they asked for only home cooked meals. I don't know if they still accept them these days; I remember Gene saying something once of the fear of psycho fans and laced food.

Who is Hill?

Mike Hill is the evil mastermind who created the Ween Forum. He created it some time ago as a forum for his excellent website ween.net. People posted on it and one day out of the blue, Deaner came on and said it was the Official forum for the band. Ever since then, the forum grew to what it is today with hundreds, if not thousands of participants. It sees a good deal of activity, and people viewing the forum at any one moment can range in the hundreds.

What is a tweaker?

Okay, if you don't know, you probably are one. A tweaker is a newbie on the forum. It says so under a person?s handle when they first start out. Tweakers are generally not appreciated, because they have yet to prove themselves as viable members of the forum. Through hard work and earning respect, the tweaker status disappears. Tweakers are notorious for starting threads when they first start and they usually are title, hi, Iim new here? and other such random bullshit. Tweakers who start threads as tweakers will get hazed, and provoked into fights they can't win until they are banned.


Occasionally you will see a thread with the name ?permavine? in it. This is a free giveaway. What happens is someone gets an audio CD or video DVD of a live show, and will make some copies of it. They will start a thread and give instructions on how to obtain a copy. Usually this is as easy as being the first to post your email address. They will then email you asking you for your mailing address and a little while later you will receive a copy of the show. It is then your duty to continue the vine and make more copies of the show to send out in the same manner.

What the fuck is DDB?

DDB, or Dead Diseased Baby, is a doll Hill found (hill plays with dolls, you'll find this out) which he thought was a real infant buried in his yard. He adopted it, and it became quite apparent the little guy carried a source of brown-ess located in it's moobs (man-boobs). It's good luck to either kiss or lick these moobs when you see DDB.

What are the ween forum rules?

To paraphrase Hill: No Rules, No Free Speech Which is basically his way of saying he owns you and will toy with you at his own discretion.

Do Gene and Dean post?

Yes, gener posts as GW and deaner posts as miggy. Dave and Claude post very seldomly. Pat Frey posts almost everyday. Do everyone a favor and try not to get their attention. You'll get cut down, and you'll look a dumb douche.

- FAQs writting by Hagbard for the Ween Forum years ago

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