Hill - Will the Puppet Master DVD box set ever be re-released? Right now the box set is going for well over $100 on Ebay.

CB - No unfortunately not. We have received some very unhappy emails about the box set. But the good news is we have the first 3 Spanish Edition Puppet Master DVDs on sale on our site. At first glance people think well I don't want to watch them in Spanish but they're actually the original english versions with option of watching them with or without the Spanish subtitles. Some of the early DVD films are owned by Paramount. We assumed we had the rights because we owned the rights to all the Laserdisc movies. But as soon as that box set came out it was nasty letter time and I didn't want to fight with them about it. There were only a few hundred box sets that were shipped out but then were basically called back. Few people have them and they're a still some floating around. But again the fallback is we have Puppet Master 1-3 Spanish DVD versions for the fans.

Hill - Ages ago I read about a TV show you planned on developing called Puppet Wars. Do you have any future plans for a TV show?

CB - Not yet but once we get up to speed with the new DVD releases some of these characters would be so perfect for a TV series or a video game. I mean, I think Puppet Master would make an amazing video game.

Hill - Well yeah, fans are desperate for a Puppet Master video game.

CB - Right now we don't have the resources to do it ourselves and would have to partner up. With people talking about it and we put the idea out there maybe we'll be approached by a good video game company.

Hill - Did you see Sci-Fi's Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys? If so, what did you think about it?

CB - No I didn't, I kinda didn't want to get depressed. I heard enough about it. But if I was a consultant I would have giving them some suggestions but I only sold Sci-Fi the rights to one Puppet Master movie. People think I don't have the rights anymore, but that's not true. We can make all the Puppet Master movies we want, we control the merchandise, etc. I gave them the right to make that one movie when I needed the money. That's it.

Hill - What ever happened to the 12" Six Shooter, the Tiny Terrors and mainly the Cyber Puppets?

CB - Well it's the whole business element. It's an expensive canvas, manufacturing all these new toys offshore. It was financial reason why these were never produced, but now we're back with a good business plan. Once we get this first series out there we can move on these ideas.

Hill - So there is a possibility?

CB - Oh absolutely. Absolutely. The Cyber Puppets...there are so many cool ideas we have to go one step at a time ya know.

Hill - Gotcha. There are so many Puppet Master fans out there and even though there has been no word on any new movies or action figures the fans have hung in there still supporting Puppet Master. So there are thousands of people out there that are super excited about all the new Puppet Master movie and action figures news you're giving us.

CB - Well you know..we made some good ones and we made some bad ones but now we have a good formula here. These new Puppet Master figures look great and we'll see how things evolve. But I have no doubt next year we'll have plenty of new Puppet Master items created.

Hill - Awesome. Alright I won't take any more of your time and let you get back to business.

CB - I appreciate it, thanks and take care.

Hill - You too Charles.

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